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I have found the Holy Grail. Vegan mayo that’s just $1! Hampton Creek launched Just Mayo at Dollar Trees around the country in an effort to show that healthy foods don’t have to be expensive. And it shouldn’t be. I found this mayo at my DT on a whim and I bought a jar. #JustMayo is non GMO, cholesterol-free, gluten free, egg and lactose/dairy free, kosher and soy free! Veganism isn’t expensive and it shouldn’t be that way at all. It’s also not just for elite white people, contrary to popular belief. POC vegans and poor vegans exist too! #vegan #vegetarian #veganmayo #eggfrew #dairyfree #hamptoncreek

Reblogging twice because this stuff is really great and tastes exactly like non vegan mayo.

Sorry veganaise. Your time is up.

I need to find this! It’s shelf stable! No more having to give up fridge space for extra jars! Only the open one! More exclamation points!!!!




Beauty Standards Around The World

One woman’s global Photoshop experiment yielded stunning results

the USA one though….

to be honest here i think the original is beautiful- The Photo-shopped ones are nice too i guess but she really is pretty..



I hate it when people act like anger invalidates a cause, because when it comes down to it the privileged are the only ones who can afford to remain calm. 


When the privileged are angry they’re; passionate, invested, patriotic, of spirit and righteous.

When the oppressed are angry they’re; savage, incapable of rationality, primitive, beastial, juvenile and violent.

Tone policing ain’t nothing but shifting goal posts towards dehumanization.

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